Best Web Series On Netflix With IMDb Rating

5 Best Web Series On Netflix With IMDb Rating 2023

Here we have some exciting acquaintances about the best web series on Netflix with IMDb rating. Netflix platform always shows IMDb rating with their web series and movies because IMDb is a great and unique platform which provides good and organic rating to series and movies and it also carries a huge traffic of people. We have mentioned the best Netflix web series on Netflix with IMDb Rating in below different sections.

What Are The 5 Best Series On Netflix With IMDb Rating?

However, you got the 5 best web series on Netflix with IMDb rating, through this medium you will get the help to refine your best favorite web series that consists of the best rating as users view also. Below, paragraphs have mentioned the finest series for you that you must watch with family and colleagues.

1.Dark In (2017): it is a great series on Netflix with a 6.7/10 IMDb rating. Here you will get 03 seasons of these series. This series defines how TWO children disappear in a small German town, its evil past is exposed along with the fractured relationships in which exist among four families which are finding their children.

2. Stranger Things (2016):  If we talk about this series in the 1980s , a group of young friends witnessed secret government exploits and supernatural forces. In this series the group of youngsters also unravel mysteries. You shall get 04 seasons of this series and It’s the best series on Netflix with 8.7/10 IMDb rating.

3. Black Mirror (2011): Black Mirror is one of the most organic and also Mini series on Netflix . This story is totally fictional. Many people think that there are few episodes that are not good when compared to the others. You will get six seasons of this series on Netflix with 8.8/10 IMDb rating.

4. Narcos (2015) : The Narcos series defines the cocaine trade story in Colombia. When the drug case is rising day by day. In Colombia lots of people were affected by these drugs and the society was not doing anything. If we talk about the season of this series, you shall get 4 seasons on Netflix with 8.8/10 IMDb rating.

5. The Witcher (2019) : The story of this series is very unique because of a reason behind it. The Witcher Geralt, a mutated hunter who struggles to find his destination in a world in which people often proved more wicked than beasts. Many people think that it is the worst series  ever due to which you shall get only 02 seasons of the Witcher on Netflix with 8.1/10 IMDb rating.

Why Should We Need An IMDb Rating For A Netflix Web Series?

All we know is that the best web series on Netflix with IMDb rating is a great platform which is very popular in India.  It is an online database platform which consists of lots of series ,daily episodes , home videos, gaming and streaming. 

As we know, lots of series come with different titles and stories. In a survey we know that IMDb rating is highly important for Netflix so, we aim to provide a variety of options on a title so our users could make informed viewing decisions.

Does Netflix Consider IMDb Rating? – Best Web Series On Netflix With IMDb Rating

Yes, As we know that Netflix is a great and huge platform of web series and movies . It also provides tv shows and games for small kids. You can easily find series and movies according to your choice. 

Lots of people use Netflix to speak and learn English but if we talk about IMDb rating it is the most popular platform in India which is also famous for web series and other things so it is a huge reason that Netflix does consider IMDb rating.

Can I See IMDb rating On Netflix?

Yes, you can see the IMDb rating on Netflix web series.  IMDb has such a huge and unique traffic and is also popular in India. Its rating on Netflix platform is highly important. Most of the people come first on IMDb platform before watching a movie and web series.

What Movies Have a 100 % IMDb Rating on Netflix?

There is lots of movies and web series who got highly rating on IMDb such as The Shawshank Redemption (1994), The Godfather (1972), The Dark Knight (2008), The Lords of the Rings (2003), The second part of Godfather (1974), 12 Angry Men ( 1957), Pulp Fiction ( 1994), but Kantara  has become one of the most rated film on IMDb with 9.5/10 rating.

Is A 7 IMDb Rating Good? – Best Web Series On Netflix With IMDb Rating

No, IMDb rating matters on people’s views but there are lots of movies worth seeing with scores below 7.0. In IMDb 7.0 an average rating.  If the web series or movies got above 7.0 rating it would become a series and movie.

Can I Watch Kannada Web Series On Amazon Prime?

Yes, Amazon prime is a huge platform where we get lots of web series and movies in different languages, so we can watch Kannada web series on Amazon prime. Everyone knows that Tamil web series and this industry are becoming popular as usual to other industries also.

How Can I Watch British Web Series On Netflix?

Everyone knows that Netflix has a great platform for web series & movies, and it has a huge traffic of series so Yes, you can easily watch and find British web series on Netflix. You don’t need to go anywhere to find out because our website has also written a good article on the best British web series on Netflix 2023.

Should I Need To Access The IMDb With VPN?

No, You can access the IMDb if you live where IMDb is not banned and restricted. IMDb can be banned and restricted at some places for this you can use the best VPN to access it easily. We hope that you have understood all the essential points about the best web series on Netflix with IMDb rating through this article.

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