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Does Search Console Verification Affect Indexing? – [GSC]

Today, Google has shared a new video in which Google search console team members explain the answers of asked questions through exciting Google users. One major question also Google contains such as are sitewide footer links ok? Find out & learn more in this month’s Google SEO office hours video.

Let’s take a closer look at the mentioned questions and answers in the below section with relevant description.

Get To know 10 Most Valuable Questions With Google Search Console Team

10 Most Valuable Questions With Its Specific Answers From Google Search Console Team jpg
10 Most Valuable Questions With Its Specific Answers From Google Search Console Team

1) Do Meta Keywords Matters?

Ans. Nope, it doesn’t help if you’re curious about this then… you can check out a blog post from 2009 that goes into more details about why Google doesn’t contain and give any priority to meta keywords now? Google doesn’t use the meta keywords seriously on the behalf of its new algorithm updates.

2) Why Is  My Brand Name Not Shown As Is?

Ans. For an example Rupesh asked that my brand name is quality on Google search engine. You notice that whenever you type your brand name on the search engine often it can be wrong and misspelling sometimes. But Google algorithm learns that or suggests you the correct words. It depends on your typing the words are correct or incorrect as well. You should check out the spelling of any brand name that you want to search on Google before getting any essential information about them.

3) Which Data Should I Use As Lastmod In Sitemaps?

Ans. Lastmod in sitemap is much necessary for your website indexing or crawl budget increase on Google. Michael asks, the lastmod in a sitemap XML file a new article. Sitemap finding the right moment to crawl a page based on its changes, the lastmod date should reflect the date when the content significantly changed enough to merit being re-crawled. Ultimately, this is a decision that you can make for your website and its particular web pages.

4) Can I Have Both A News & General Sitemap?

Ans. The question is that any issue or error if the news site map and general sitemap contain the same URLs? Traditional web sitemap as defined by, and then add the news extension to the URLs that need it. Just keep in mind that you should need to remove the sitemap like old. Update the sitemap with your new news web pages instead of old web pages URLs as well.

5) What Can I Do About Irrelevant Search Entries?

Ans. What can I do about irrelevant search entries then.. There is one suggestion that is not on our website. And after looking at the results, our website is not to be found for the topics names. Sometimes Google is kind of hard to determine exactly what you mean, but it sounds like you. Something perhaps in one of the elements of the search results pages that you like to see on the search engine.

6) Why Is My Site’s Description Not Shown?

Ans. If we talk about why my site description is not shown on the SERP but, Google description is different. How reindexed it and how do Google change it? Something to keep in mind here is that it’s not guaranteed that Google picks your meta description instead of random choice. Google bots can also bring or show random lines that would be essential for users much as your meta description.

7) How Can I Fix The Spam Score For A Used Domain?

Ans. There is one easiest way to remove the bit of spam score from the website through submitting the spam links sheet on Google :search-console/disavow-links. Do audit your whole website through the help of audit tools for instance Scrimingfrog is the best option to use for free with 500 links as per one website. Upload the spam links sheet on the Google search console disavow links tool provided by Google for free. Google takes up to a few weeks to remove them on your site and come back to the ranking.

8) Why Doesn’t My Site Show Up In Google?

Ans. The major cause can be your website home page showing to Google as a 404 status code to Google search engine. Sometimes, essentially for Google, the page does not exist at all. Google bots meets with 404 pages in which Google can confuse to keep which page should be put in the box or not for indexing further. Check out your website all unnecessary redirects that can affect your website. Take help from the disavow tools to delete the unessentials links on the site. Wait for a few weeks to get better results on the search engine.

9) How Can I Get My Mobile Version Into Google?

Ans. If you run a website on Google and want to make it mobile or desktop friendly, use the mobile friendly test – Google search console. First you have to be sure that your website home page is fully mobile friendly to show up new updates and changes on the home page. Make sure text color or size is common for all blog posts. Site color also gives you more benefits to make a mobile friendly website. Choose the correct icons and navigations on the site.

10) What Could Be A Reason For A URL Removal To Not Work?

Usually, Google URL removal can take some hours to remove the particular URL from the search engine. While submitting the URL for removal you can see some critical errors and issues such as the Google removal section not working for sometime. Wait for sometime to resolve the Google search console errors to fix it.

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