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What Are The 5 Best 2023? – [Android 13 Features]

Android 13 features, after spending several months in beta testing now the public version of Android 13 is finally available for Google Pixel Phones. And slowly, the update will roll out to all other Android smartphone manufacturers. Android 12 has been a significant update for Google on improving UI. Let’s start the conversation on the review of Android 13 features beneficial for you or not following below section.

Android 13 is not a pretty big update from Android 12, because they had a big jump in material You in Android 12 so it comes with smaller tweaks and a few security updates with privacy changes but still, Google paid attention to improving tiny software features so that it can provide a pretty good user experience, and now let’s talk about the Android 13 and it’s top 5 features that surprised me a lot. 

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What Is The Best Features Of Android 13? – Updates to Material You

Best Features Of Android 13
What Is The Best Features Of Android 13?

The hype of Material You was tremendous in the launch of Android 12 we as a whole realize that Material You is Google’s design language it extracts different color mixes from the piece of your phone’s wallpaper it’s all preset, and users can’t customize their color mixes, the Material You follow the same format all through users phone with a certain limitation. 

Still, with Android 13 users can’t customize their color formats but they get access to a total of 16 additional color mixes, and that is more than enough to set a perfect matching color preset out of the users’ phone wallpaper. In 2023, now you can search about how to ChatGPT app download on Android & Window devices.

What Are The New Features In Android 13? – Updates to QR Code Scanning 

The usage of QR scanning is tremendous in recent days, starting from payments to wifi sharing, all kinds of activities are done through QR Scanning. Google pays attention to QR from the initial stages of Android to date. 

Indeed, Android 13 will let users access any kinda QR scanning from the menu bar itself.  It’s a pretty big update for me, I use QR scanning for WIFI instead of sharing passwords, and now that’s become way easier to get quicker access to QR Scanner.

How Much RAM Does Android 13 Need? – Updates to Edit Text from Clipboard

How Much RAM Does Android 13 Need?
How Much RAM Does Android 13 Need?

I hope this feature may be useful to all of us. Now users can easily edit a copied text directly from the clipboard before pasting the context to any platform. After you copied a text from the browser, you will see a pencil icon that lets you edit the text. 

After you edit a text you can easily paste it anywhere. In Android 13 users can call or text a number that you have copied to the clipboard. It automatically shows you the options to call, text, or even open a link in your browser pretty cool, isn’t it?

Does Android 13 Improve Camera? – Android 13 Features

This is the neediest feature when English is not your native language, in Android 13 users can set a specific language for each app they use. If you use YouTube the most, and you want to set another language instead of English you can do it under settings > Language and Input > App Language. 

You will stream YouTube content in your native language and all other apps in English interesting right, kindly let me know about the usage of this panlingual feature while you get Android 13 on your smartphone. 

Which Android Is The Best For Photography? – Updates to Audio Output Picker

The Media output picker gets a new visual look, now users can easily swap between Bluetooth devices like speakers, headphones, or even other smartphones that are Bluetooth enabled. 

It is similar to Android 12, and now the connected device’s name can be visible in the volume control menu, it is well organized and also more customizable. 

That’s it, these are the 5 Best Features of Android 13 it still comes with other smaller tweaks but I do see these 5 are the major upgrades that will be useful to many users.

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